AWS Lambda Now Supports Graviton2 Processors

Announced yesterday on the AWS Blog Page, AWS Lambda is now being run on Graviton 2 Processors, a big step in lowering your bill and increasing performance for your cloud applications.

As of September 29, 2021, Lambda now supports Graviton2 based ARM processors as launch targets for your functions. AWS advertises up to ~20% LOWER cost and 20% INCREASED performance by switching over to using graviton2s.

This is a huge step in the direction cost and performance improvements in the serverless ecosystem. Lower cost and higher performance is a win win for all cloud based users out there – I expect these processors to become the primary architecture of choice for applications going forward.

For those of you that are unaware, Gravitons are custom built processors by AWS using 64 bit ARM Neoverse cores. AWS describes a host of benefits using this new architecture across a broad spectrum of workloads.

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The Gravitons are taking the cloud ecosystem by storm as many developers are attracted to the lowercost and higher performance profiles of these processors. Today, AWS is moving over Lambda as a launch target to Gravitons – tomorrow, maybe Fargate?


Selecting Graviton2s as your launch target is a no brainer. There’s a straightforward option as pictured below in the AWS console that lets you select either the default x86_64 based architecture, or the new arm64 powered by Graviton2.

Selecting the Graviton2 based arm64 architecture while launching your Lambda Function

No word yet if this new feature is launchable via CloudFormation/CDK, but I expect that as a fast follow in the coming months.

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